For Industrial Products

Nameplate Labels

These labels are for marking serial numbers as nameplates to be attached to the body of electronic devices, such as PCs. Various nameplate labels suitable for other applications and locations are also available.​

Functional Labels

Since these special adhesive labels hardly generate siloxane gas, do not use silicone, and can prevent outgassing, they can be used in electronic components for their nameplates and sealing.

Safety, Warning & Caution Labels

These labels are used to prevent the improper use of products based on the Product Liability (PL) Law.

Digital On-demand Labels

Since these labels can be prepared and printed directly from the PC, a printed version is not required, which makes it possible to minimize initial costs. 

Brittle Security Labels

Since the base materials of these labels are very brittle, if someone tries to remove them, the base material will be destroyed.

Logistics Lables

These labels are used to indicate pictorial marking for the handling of goods in order to ensure the safety of workers and prevent the damage of package contents.